You Can’t “i-Touch” This!

Well, actually, I can. That nice soft part of my side? Yeah that inch I’m pinching? That would be it…but not for long…

I have joined the masses and have purchased my very first i-pod. I know…they have been around for-ev-er… I have been perfectly content listening to my old FM radio/cassette Sony Walkman (yes, it still works!) as I run through miles on my treadmill. Treadmill running is the ultimate sentence of boredom for me, so listening to music makes the time go by much faster. After deciding that my “rest days” should not consist of being a couch potato and eating ice cream while watching “The Biggest Loser” (kind of defeats the purpose), I have opted to walk the miles instead, which on a treadmill is even more need for music in my ears.

However, since spring has officially arrived, I have taken my walks on the road and found the silence too much, which is  kind of ironic since I enjoy the quiet when I run outside.  Running outside gets my head straight. I can go through my “To-do” list, plan out my day or just go for the attitude adjustment. Walking for me still needs tunes or company to talk to. So, late last week I was ready for my walk and I went into my son’s room searching for his i-pod Nano. No battery. Hmm. Feeling I would be missing out on all the nice fresh air and settling for the Tread-of-Boredom, I only glanced as I walked by my daughter’s room-but that shiny sleek form of her i-Touch caught my eye! Yes! I was in luck! With a new skip in my step, I plugged in and enjoyed her music selections. I got to thinking, you know, maybe I should have one of these…

I did a little homework to see which one would be a better fit for me. Really, it was a no-brainer. Ever since I started writing this blog, I have been learning all kinds of neat things with computer and techie stuff. I think I am a closet gadget geek. The i-Touch sold me with all the apps and music and video and…well, it’s like having a mini-computer in your pocket!

I went to my local Walmart and $250 later, I walked out with my own shiny sleek silver i-Touch, wall charger, silicone skin and black leather arm-band. Now, I know that is a lot of cash to lay down ( I think so, anyway) but remember, we are talking about someone who is still using a Walkman! I am expecting this to last for years-and I hope I am not resorted to saying “they just don’t make ’em like they used to.”

That night I got a 2-hour tutorial from the kids (the real technical masterminds) and my own file so I won’t mess up their stuff. I learned how to download free items from the i-Tunes store and how to buy when I have to. Some of the apps are way cool, but so far, I have to say my ultimate favorite app is one called “Lose it!”

Want to start eating right and adding more exercise to your program? This is the app for you (& me!). This is so user friendly! You input your height, weight and your goal weight and how long you want to take to reach your goal-I am trying to shave off 10 pounds(that just-will-not-go-away!) by June. I have tried to keep a journal in the past of everything I eat and how much exercise I have done, but that lasts for about a week and then I start to forget to write it down or I forget my notebook….then I start to sneak a cookie here and there, and well, you know what happens!

This handy little app gives you a daily calorie “budget” on a time-line and graphs exactly where you are on the “budget line”.  (This is not my line!) To be honest, I am starting out at 140 and my goal weight is 130. I have a lot of muscle on my body, but I also have places that I need to lean out, so for me, 130 is a good place. To lose 1 lb. a week Lose it! tells me that I need 1,390 calories per day to stick to my goal. When you exercise, that is harder to do than you think!

I have been very good at marking everything that I am eating, right down to the pat of butter. I think now when I actually see what I am eating, I have been making better choices.

I have found myself totally wiping out calories when I have put in my exercise- and remember that does not mean you have to run or do a major work out…did you know that 1 hour of housecleaning burns 134 calories, not including the vaccuming, which you can tack on 85 more calories burned in 30 minutes! That was my breakfast this morning in calories!

I just think that this is the neatest thing since sliced bread (which if you are a Wonder Bread fan, would be 66 calories)!

So listen up. Come June, I will be saying “it’s Hammer Time” while singing along with MC to “You Can’t Touch This” all the while pointing to my new sleek waistline.

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Kelly is a lifelong foodie who shares her love of cooking, baking & writing about it on this blog. All recipes & photographs are made in her home kitchen or enjoyed during travels near & far. She has been featured on, iBlog Magazine and Capital Region Living Magazine.

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  1. laurie says

    I have that app too! You've inspired me to start using it again! Aren't apps great! They help me out every single day.

  2. 4W says

    I love this post (more than the one you posted on my wall, lololol, when you couldn't type on the damn thing! I am so hoping that this works for you too! NOW you'll have to look into a Senuti subscription to grab music off your daughter's IPOD

  3. Megan says

    I've been using the nike+ application for tracking my runs and it's pretty slick. It doesn't include anything for tracking calories, but it has a nice interface for tracking running/walking distance.

  4. K Pugliano says

    So far so good! :) I received the kids' entire playlists when we set up mine…so far I haven't had to edit too much because their taste in music is pretty good!

    Oooooo- I will have to check out that nike+ app! Thanks!

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