Top 5 Favorite Things About Type-A Conference


Lovely Roomies: Nicole & Tracy


Continued learning and being open to new experiences are just a couple of take-a-ways that I had from attending the Type-A Conference held in Charlotte, NC last week. But that is not all….

This was the first time attending Type A conference, hosted by Kelby Carr. In fact, I gave this conference a lot of thought. I mean A LOT of thought. I struggled with the questions of “what can this conference offer me?” “Will I be able to learn something new?” “What type of bloggers go to this conference?” “Will it be worth my time and most importantly, money?”

Can I tell you? It was worth every. single. penny.

And here is why…

My Top 5 Favorite things about Type-A:

1. Rooming with friends:

I roomed with two bloggers that I met at BlogHer last year. We have kept in touch via text, email, skype and our blogs…and I can honestly say they are honest to goodness true friends. I’m at an age that I choose to surround myself with good people. I don’t have time to waste in pettiness or “out for me” type folks…I had enough of that from the corporate world. These roomies? Well, my kind of peeps and wish to the moon that they lived on either side of my house.

2. Reconnecting with Old Friends:

Some of the folks I met last year at BlogHer were at Type-A. What I loved about seeing them again was the fact that I could really connect  here at Type-A. BlogHer was my first BIG conference and I felt a little lost and missed out on time to talk with others. But here, I found that short conversations could turn into long while gathered around a breakfast, lunch or dinner table or were better than I ever imagined tucked into a corner over a cup of coffee.


The beautiful & smart Fadra Nally of

3. Meeting new friends:

I will share a little secret here: I can be extremely shy when it comes to meeting new people. Sometimes I feel like a complete dork and will opt to become a wallflower to save myself the fear that I will have nothing to say or will say something stupid. So, when arriving at Type A, I gave myself a little pep-talk to say hello to as many as I could and hope that conversation would grow from there. I was completely thrilled to meet a writer that I have been following for some time now..and we have more in common than I thought…enough that we decided to start our own “teen-driven content” to balance out the talk of diapers and sippy cups.


Tracy & Holly; such a fun dinner!

3. The Sessions Rocked!

I had a hard time choosing which sessions to attend. They were all really good and I am so thankful that a friend of mine live-blogged the whole thing so I can go back and learn what I missed. There was a little something for everyone: Facebook, Pinterest, coding, web design….and my favorite: Food Bloggers Round Table! My second Favorite? How to write a Book Proposal. Every session was very hands-on and the speakers really knew their topics and engaged the audience. One session I attended because it happened to be presented by my friend Holly Hamann from TapInfluence . It gave me much to think about as to how I want to go forward with respect to this blog and relationships with brands.

4. The Sponsors and Expo:

I actually liked that the Expo was woven through the session rooms. This gave me the opportunity to visit a few tables at different points of the conference and really connect with brands that meant something to me. It was great to see the About One folks, and talk with Shot at Life, Blog World, Wiley Press, Zone Perfect, DeWaflebakkers and Sweet Potatoes. There were many others as well and I thank them for being there! I just did not have a chance to make it to their tables.

5. The FOOD!


Broiled tomatoes & bleu cheese & truffle fries from Blackfinn

Charlotte offered a lot of delicious fare within walking distance! I had the most amazing snacks & lunch at The Blackfinn, Over the top dinner at Mimosa Grill and two nights at the Mez restaurant tells you something! Lunch at Fujos Sushi was also so good that I went there twice and dinner at Vida Cantina gave me a first time taste of plantains! Many afternoons also found me at the bar-not only for the delicious calamari and sangria, but for the centralized hub for conversations with the fabulous Rene Styler, Danyelle Little (my fellow team leader for Ubisoft Dance Party) and the fellas from Time Dog.

The thing I love about blogging is the fact that you can always learn something new and make connections that can impact your life. I am so glad  I decided to attend Type-A! It was everything I hoped it would be and so much more.

I cannot wait to go back next year!


At Type-A, I decided to pass out business cards and talk about my new venture. I was a bit nervous to hear feedback, but pleasantly surprised and energized by the positive responses encountered. Everyone I talked to about Eat Picks was excited about the idea and reaffirmed my idea that the site will be utilized and shared!

What is Eat Picks? It is a site that will offer food photography & writing for all appetites. Those looking for a photo to go with a post, advertising or editorial needs, will be able to search a gallery for an image to use (for a nominal fee), saving time  looking through major stock photo sites. Have a need for a custom photo to go with a certain recipe? Eat Picks will help you with that too. We also love to find great food during travel and will highlight places and dishes that you may enjoy.

We plan to roll out the new site in late July!! Hope you will join us! :)


About Kelly Pugliano

Kelly is a lifelong foodie who shares her love of cooking, baking & writing about it on this blog. All recipes & photographs are made in her home kitchen or enjoyed during travels near & far. She has been featured on, iBlog Magazine and Capital Region Living Magazine.

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  1. says

    I just LOVE this post – and of course, it includes all of my very fav bloggy people! The friendships I have made in blogging are truly priceless – and you my “sweet and dear could totally be a sister wife” friend, are an absolute gem! xxxx

    • Kelly says

      I am so glad you conviced me to attend!! It really was fabulous…and I miss you every morning & every night! :) I have been so blessed to know you…cannot wait for August! xoxo

  2. says

    I’m always happy when someone goes to Type-A for the first time and they get out of it everything that keeps me coming back for more.

    I can actually be very shy (believe it or not) so I overcompensate by drinking wine and talking to EVERYONE. I consciously decided not to do that and to just enjoy making real connections with people. I’m so glad I got to know you better. I think you are wonderful!

    • Kelly says

      I think Type-A is my favorite conference so far. The vibe was great…and I actually learned something from every session. Some I hated to leave to catch another. Really well done…and I will most certainly go back again.

      I was so happy to get to know you better too…BlogHer was such a blur…I can’t imagine you being shy! So proud of you for Charitable Influence! Hope to create a new dance routine with you again soon. :)

    • Kelly says

      Thanks Christina! It really was more than I had hoped for! Can’t wait to go through your live-blog posts!!

  3. says

    This is why I am so sad about not making it again this year Kelly. You are so spot on about what a person gets out of the conference. The connecting with people, making new friends, seeing old friends, the info, the food, the…everything. Nice write up and I can’t wait to hang out with you and your friends at Type-A Con 2013! I’m already saving my pennies! 😉

    • Kelly says

      Save those pennies Linda!!! You must go next year…so much information…so many smart people…such good food…well worth it! I can’t wait to hang with you next year!

  4. says

    This is a GREAT post! So glad you had a good experience at Type-A. I had a blast as well. Wasn’t Mez fantastic?? I would go back to Charlotte just for one of their pear martinis! Congrats on your new venture! I look forward to reading more.

    • Kelly says

      Thank you so much! I really did have a great time…if I could change only one thing…it would be to move the party times up a bit (before 10) only because I’m old and really like my sleep! Haha! BUT- apparently I didn’t mind TOO much because I was at all of them! haha!
      Mez was great..and I did not have a pear martini, but they sound fantastic! Very excited about the warm reception Eat Picks recieved, thank you!

  5. says

    I hear so many lovely, wonderful things about Type A. It’s the only conference I truly feel sad about not attending. I’d love to do the big ones for the fun factor, but Type A seems to really provide people with useful content and a personal feel.

    • Kelly says

      Angela, you would have loved this conference! It is the meat & potatoes for sure. I believe this has just earned a perm rotation status!!

    • Kelly says

      Thanks so much Carissa! I am really excited to roll this out and even more excited that other’s are looking forward to it too! So nice to meet you!

  6. says

    Nicely summed up, Kelly, much of my thoughts on being a newbie at Type A conf. as well. I’m not sure we officially met, but I did see you there and I know Nicole, one of your roomies. I love the concept of your new venture, Eat Picks, good luck with that!

    • Kelly says

      Thanks Rajean! I’m not sure if we met either…Im glad you like the concept of Eat Picks!! I was a bit hesitant to introduce at TypeA, but the response was so positive I am glad I did!! :)

      Will you be going to BlogHer? If so, we must officially meet! :)


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