The Start of Our Three Hour Tour: Chicago Style

Last week I mentioned that a few posts would be dedicated to my trip to Chicago-one of my favorite cities-that I took with my husband and some dear friends. We had an absolute blast; even joking that for some reason, this trip felt a little like the TV show “Gilligan’s Island” with the characters we met along the way.

Well, I think I am going to switch it up a bit and make this a series. It will be fun to reminisce and share with you why each encounter seemed to fit this show’s characters perfectly! Check back each Monday for the next 5 weeks to see who we met and how they became the back story of our visit to the “Windy City”!

Ready to set sail?

Alrighty then! Let’s go!

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Kelly is a freelance writer, photographer and avid runner. Here you will find life stories, favorite entertaining and family tested recipes and motivational tips for the sport & fitness minded. You can also find her creating on her food blog **.

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  1. :-)
    Sounds interesting, I'll be back.
    Did you get my email?

  2. I did! Thank you so much! I was so excited when I opened it :)