Wordful Wednesday Tribute to Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou writing quote on cup

I first met her words when she shared “Why the Caged Bird Sings” and then again with “The Heart of a Woman.” She inspired me with her words, her grace and her voice. Yes, even her voice was smooth as silk and I could listen to her read out loud as the day is long. It […]

Happy Fourth of July Word-full Wednesday!


  Happy Birthday America! I hope you all have a safe & festive holiday! Enjoy time with friends and family and may “ooh’s and ahh’s” be heard all around while watching fireworks. And I want to give a big Birthday shout out to my nephew Zach who will turn 20. I hope you have a […]

A Foodie Wordful Wednesday


  It’s been a while since I posted a Wordful Wednesday…. I’ve missed doing so. All I can say is thank goodness this type of post is popular because I don’t think I could muster anything more than a few words and a couple of pictures this week. I have been sick since the weekend […]

Food for Thought on this Wordful Wednesday


  I am creating a new venture for myself…and for you…. Something that I am passionate about…. and most of you are too…. It’s keeping me quite busy behind the scenes… Reading, clicking, snapping and reading some more…almost until my head spins. I just need to finish getting my ducks in a row…   But I […]

A Foodie Wordful Wednesday


  As some of you may know, my son has been fighting whatever bug has been going around. It hasn’t been fun for him and I felt bad to hear him hack away and greet me with glassy eyes while asking for more tea or tissues. The germs seemed to party into the wee hours this weekend, […]

Finding Peace with Just Be Enough: Wordful Wednesday


  What is Enough? How do you define it- for you? For me, at this point in life,  I am trying to define it as finding peace. Peace in knowing that I have done all I can. Peace in knowing that my heart will always be open and ready for when the time comes that […]

One Year Later…

Cookie Cake-Mom Got Blog

  I do not discuss work on this blog, with the exception of this and this. I just celebrated my one year anniversary of full-time employment. As I have been in both roles, that of stay at home mom and working mom, I can honestly say I love being with my kids and I enjoy making a […]

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