Saratoga Palio Run 030

  This past weekend  hubs and I enjoyed a great run through Saratoga Springs, NY. We decided last minute to sign up for the Saratoga Palio half marathon and 5k race and I am so glad we did. I have been struggling through my weekly workouts to gain mileage on the legs for the October… 

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Getting the 4-1-1

  This is post number 411. Can you believe it? I can’t!! So many things shared here on the blog since we started. I thought it might be fun to do a little play on slang and give you “The 4-1-1” on the blogger behind the blog– you know,  fun little facts. Hey, humor me… 

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#GetFit Challenge is On!


  It’s February and I cannot believe I am still enjoying running outside.  We are experiencing a freaky mild winter here in the Northeast. A bit strange to not have snow on the ground, but it has saved me from hours on the dreaded treadmill and for that I am grateful. But as you may know, I… 

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The Striiv Challenge Week 2


Last week I shared that I was part of a product test for Striiv through  Just.Be. Enough. Striiv is a new fitness tool that records every step you take and rewards your movement goals of feeling better by completing very doable, fun goals. All of this greatness is housed in a sleek little bitty (but powerful) package that you can… 

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