Saratoga Palio Run 030

  This past weekend  hubs and I enjoyed a great run through Saratoga Springs, NY. We decided last minute to sign up for the Saratoga Palio half marathon and 5k race and I am so glad we did. I have been struggling through my weekly workouts to gain mileage on the legs for the October […]

Getting the 4-1-1

  This is post number 411. Can you believe it? I can’t!! So many things shared here on the blog since we started. I thought it might be fun to do a little play on slang and give you “The 4-1-1″ on the blogger behind the blog- you know,  fun little facts. Hey, humor me […]

#GetFit Challenge Update 1

Remember the #GetFit Challenge I told you about last month? A group of bloggers decided to get fit before Memorial Day and have a small support system in place to keep up with goals, to root for each other to keep going, eat better and feel better through exercise. Of course we would then deem […]

#GetFit Challenge is On!


  It’s February and I cannot believe I am still enjoying running outside.  We are experiencing a freaky mild winter here in the Northeast. A bit strange to not have snow on the ground, but it has saved me from hours on the dreaded treadmill and for that I am grateful. But as you may know, I […]

The Striiv Challenge Week 3


  We are in week 3 of our Striiv Challenge with Just.Be.Enough and I wish I could say that I beat week 1 & week 2…but that is not the case. No shame here. I still got out there and accomplished 31, 301 steps, and ran 13.2 miles.  Not too shabby considering that I did not run or walk […]

The Striiv Challenge Week 2


Last week I shared that I was part of a product test for Striiv through  Just.Be. Enough. Striiv is a new fitness tool that records every step you take and rewards your movement goals of feeling better by completing very doable, fun goals. All of this greatness is housed in a sleek little bitty (but powerful) package that you can […]

The Striiv Challenge Week 1


  Striiv Challenge Week 1 I love to stay active and as most of you know (and if you are a new reader, you will soon find out) I am a firm believer of keeping your body moving for as long as you are able. When asked if I would like to join a few […]

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