BlogHer Recap Part 1: Promises Kept and Thank You


  Well, the poor suitcase that sat at the bottom of the stairs has finally been unpacked and now it is time to start the BlogHer recap posts! I know it was a month ago already! Why am I writing them now? Well, after returning from San Diego, my family and I were on the […]

Here There and Everywhere BlogHer 11

Well, this morning is a bunch of firsts. I am off to BlogHer 11!!! So excited to meet new friends and learn as much as I can. My main goal is to soak it all in…. And share how awesome Motts has been to provided me with this sponsored opportunity! I’ll be sharing my experience […]

Who Will Engage at Bloggy Boot Camp?

engage conference sponsorship

Two weeks ago, you were asked if you were ready to en*gage : your peers, your knowledge, yourself, with the opportunity to attend a Bloggy Boot Camp, in Denver or Atlanta. Your response was overwhelming both here on Mom Got Blog and also at SITS. What is en*gage? Well, it is an idea that grew from […]

Are You Ready to ‘Engage’ Yourself?


  For the past year I have been searching for the meaning in my blogging, with a lot of self-reflection going on. What kind of space do I want to create? Where should the blog be in a year’s time? Will I be able to maintain content that is fun and enjoyable for you to […]

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