Wave Bars:The Wave of the Snack Future

Wave Bars are yum

  Back in July, I received a note from my friend Jen Burden asking if I would like to try a new product made by some friends. Always wanting to help out a friend, I said of course. Within a week, I received a small package with some literature and 2 snack bars. I had just […]

Celebrate February with RedPack Risotto & Giveaway


February is the month of love and the color red. What fruit contains both of these qualities? The tomato of course! And there is nothing an Italian kitchen loves more than a nice big, red, tomato! It is a staple in almost every recipe along with the sidekicks of garlic and onion. In fact, every […]

‘Bake For You’ Should be on Speed Dial


  Are you local to the Albany, NY area? If so, I’m going to share with you the best kept secret in the Capital District! Ever hear of BAKE FOR YOU? This is a local gem of a bakery that should be on your speed-dial for any party or function. Not in the Albany, NY […]

A Saucy Spirits Review & Giveaway


Do you like wine? Do you search for a unique gift for the holidays? Want to have both and help a young man reach his goal? Thought so! I want you to meet Ryan O’Neill, an 11 year old entrepreneur from Lawrenceville, GA. He started making special organic jellies last summer to sell at his local […]

It’s Catch Up Time

Good Morning!! I had a couple of posts planned for today but, I have to admit, the trip to NYC wiped me out. I still need one more day to recover! Age is setting in I am afraid! Haha! What will I be catching up on to share with you? Reviews I am almost finished […]

Pampered Chef Live Cooking Show Premiers Today!

I admit. I am a total foodie. I love to cook, bake and eat! When I recently contacted Pampered Chef to talk some business, I shared with them how much I loved their product. If I had more room in my kitchen, I would definitely have even more of their fantastic items. In fact, a […]

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