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First, I wanted to share a couple favorite photos I took recently at one of the local farm stands…the flowers were so beautiful, I had to grab my good camera and ask them to strike a pose…and oh, did they ever… So what is new? Where to start…. Let’s do the home front first… We […]

Spring is Calling

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Yesterday I had planned a nice walk to get some exercise and mental checklists out of the way, but when looking outside, I was shocked to see an inch of SNOW on the ground! What? Mother Nature was a day late in her April Fool’s joke- which was not funny-so I opted for an inside […]

Playing Catch Up & An Announcement

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  The past few weeks have left me feeling a bit like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz…dazed and confused, trying to find my way and realizing I’m not in Kansas anymore…so to speak. The beginning of November I was at full speed writing a new story for NaNoWriMo…I was determined to finish a novel this year…then […]

Cinni-Mini Cinnamon Rolls | Mom Got Food

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  My son has been begging me every weekend to ‘pleeeeeaaase make cinnamon rolls.’ I kept putting it off as I did not have my normal mix on hand and to make from scratch would take way too long. Sometimes for time and ease, I keep a can of rolls ready for sleepover guests, but […]

Happy Fall: Wordless Wednesday


The first frost hit this week making fall “official”. I love this time of year. Vibrant colors, chunky sweaters, cozy scarves & hot chocolate are just a few of my favorite things. What are yours?

The Week in Review…

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Ever have one of those weeks where you’re not quite sure if you want a do-over? It was semi-okay but didn’t totally suck either? I had one of those weeks. Let’s recap, shall we and then you can help me decide… I’ve been keeping up with my Instagram Challenge…sort of. See? I told you I […]

A little Self Challenge for September

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I am a huge fan and I mean a HUGE fan of the photo app community of Instagram. I love that I can take a quick picture of anything, anywhere, anytime and share it with other IG addicts. I’ve tried to explain to more than a few why I love it so much and I […]

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