What a Special Time of Year


  This time of year is always special for our family. We play in the snow…. when there is snow-and build three-sectioned figures that wave with stick hands, We bake oodles of homemade cookies, fudge and candies to share in tin cans. We trim our tree with ornaments collected from family vacations, remembering the stories and […]

Only a Chance for a Sarah: A Favorite Mom Moment


When I was pregnant with our second child, our two year old would constantly pat my belly and give it kisses. “Hello, baby,” she would say before toddling off to grab her favorite baby doll. As the due date drew near, I began asking what we should name the new baby. Her answer was always […]

It is Good to Have a Reminder Every Now and Then


Things in my world are a little topsy- turvy right now and I am trying to find my bearings. Not only am I dealing with BIG decisions, I am still trying to get the house cleaned up, cart the kids to and fro, make sure dinner is planned and ready, schedule phone calls here and answer […]

When The Color of Art is Enough

Imagine feeling taller. Imagine feeling stronger from the inside out. Imagine knowing and BELIEVING that you are strong. It is time to carry the weight of empowerment instead of the weight of our flaws on our shoulders.   Those words are from the collaborative website founded by my friend Elena of Ciao Mom. It is […]

A Batmobile Should Be Enough


See the Batmobile in this picture? How nicely armoured it is? This is the car I NEED. Not WANT. NEED. You see, I am in the midst of teaching my teenage daughter how to drive. Don’t get me wrong. She is not a bad driver, but a driver who is still learning. But, like every teenager, she knows […]

Be Enough Me: I Am Not Ready For School


  As our household clings to the last bits of summer, we try to fight the inevitable: the start of school. Surprisingly, this year mom is in the trenches too because I am just not ready even though we have prepared by filling our school supply box to the brim, new shoes, new outfits and […]

Do You Have a ‘Do Not Pack’ Back to School Lunch List?


   It is that time of year again, where parents are stocking up on back to school supplies, shopping for new threads for the first day of school and making sure there are enough brown paper bags for lunches. I have been doing this routine for 11 years now, and I hate to say it, […]

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