Finding My Mojo Again


I was attending a 3-day speedskating camp and was about to begin the second day of early ice practice. I joined fellow competitors on the ice as we listened to coaches explain the technical details and drills we would work on during the session. After an hour, we were finishing our last set of lap […]

Claim a Mile is Back for Pittsburgh Marathon

Claim a Mile Pittsburgh Marathon

Three years ago, hubs and I took on the challenge of becoming a “Runner of Steel” as we proved our mettle running the Pittsburgh Marathon. If you recall, I had horrible knee trouble and only covered 12 miles for my longest training run. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done and when […]

Running of the Green

Running of the Green

  This past weekend I hit the road with 650 fellow runners to celebrate the 4 mile road race Running of the “Green” Island & had a blast! I waited too long to sign up for the run last year and ended up not being able to pin on a bib number, so I ran […]

Still Enjoying That Winter Run

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  Our second post in our “Way Back” series! When looking through the archives, I was happy to see that in 2009 I was still hitting the road for winter runs!! The only difference- we had snow covering everything, making it look like winter. Sad to say that in 2012, there is very little covering […]

#PVBody Adds Spring to Running Step!


It’s been a while since I hit the road for a good run. As you may know from reading here, I have been nursing an Achilles injury. It has been a long and sloooow process…a lot longer than I ever anticipated. I will also say – by not getting a few runs in each week […]

Just Go Anyway

I had a long run scheduled for Sunday…six miles according to the marathon plan I have been following. But this past weekend had me feeling that familiar lazy-I just want to sit on the patio and drink my coffee- kind of feeling. I did not want to go for a run. All the excuses popped […]

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