Nothing Cowardly About This Lion! #LionLock 5.21.12 056 (1)

First, let us note: I am a compensated LionLock Brand Ambassador. But also note: all content and opinions are my very own. Okay, now that the formalities are out of the way, let us take a trip to see the Wizard. I’m an old movie buff and The Wizard of Oz is one of my […]

Writing on Horizontal Lines

Write Something Quote

I sit alone as the evening takes hold of the sky, painting it with broad strokes of fire orange and bright pink. A table off to the side of the coffee shop is perfect to sit, let the mind relax, and allow the swirl of words out to play. They have waited patiently to tell […]

A Blogaversary Gift: Back to Writing

sunflowers in garden-mom got blog

I completely missed my “blog-a-versary.” It was in June and it marked four years I have been putting thoughts and musings out there for eyes to read after taking a Leap of Faith and hitting the “publish” button. That first post seems so long ago. Reading it makes me feel all nostalgic. I had no idea […]

Taking a Bite Out of the Gray Area


I have been sitting in front of my computer screen all-the-live-long-day and at least 10 bazillion ideas have raced across the mind. Do you think any one of them actually stopped to say, “Hey, fingers….Take this down! It’s a great idea! Catch it while it’s still hot! Come on! Type!” My fingers – well, just one […]

Crockpot White Chili- Mom Got Food


  This week I have been battling getting organized. One of the tasks I have been trying to accomplish is meal and menu planning. So far, I have not been too successful! Ha! Well, yesterday we finally had a cold wintry day and I decided that I needed to feed the children something nutritious, warm and […]

Zucchini Carrot Muffins Satisfy Even the Pickiest of Eaters


Have picky eaters? Tots that turn their nose up to anything with color that is good for them? I have a recipe that will change that! When my kids were small, they each had their own tastes. My daughter loved healthy snacks (still does!) made up of pepper strips, grapes, broccoli…you name it. My son […]

Sunday Eggs


  Are you tired of looking at that Italian Chicken recipe yet? Ha! Me too… So here I have a lovely breakfast inspired by my friend Sunday who writes Adventures in Extreme Parenthood. I’m also writing this for my friend Mandy over at  MandyLand. We had a very early morning chat on Twitter the other day regarding […]

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