Running & When to Listen to Your Body

run smart mom got blog

I am following (loosely I should add) a running schedule to prepare for my next half-marathon in October and was scheduled for a 6-mile run yesterday. I logged 6.5 miles last week (1.5 miles more than what the schedule called for) and decide to take it easy this week because of the heat. Mother Nature […]

Today, I Ran For Boston

today I ran for Boston-momgotblog

  Early Monday morning, I was excited to watch the live stream coverage of The Boston Marathon on my computer. I had some work to complete, but kept the video window open to watch the blistering pace set by the men and women world class competitors. I watched straight through to the tape breaking finish and […]

I Think I’ve Lost My Mind

Winter Running Gear

  That is the phrase that seemed to play over and over with each step that struck pavement a couple weeks ago while running a winter marathon in Albany, NY. I’ve been slowly working my way back from an Achilles injury from last fall. It has been a painstaking process because: a.) this is the type of […]

When You Have to Embrace the Turtle Amongst the Hares

If you are able to enjoy years of running mile after mile with no injuries, then you should count your lucky stars for such fortune. Most of the running population will suffer from knee, hip, foot, ankle or back ailments at one point or another. I have most certainly suffered my share of IT (iliotibial) […]

Saratoga Palio Run 030

  This past weekend  hubs and I enjoyed a great run through Saratoga Springs, NY. We decided last minute to sign up for the Saratoga Palio half marathon and 5k race and I am so glad we did. I have been struggling through my weekly workouts to gain mileage on the legs for the October […]

The Week in Review… 050

Ever have one of those weeks where you’re not quite sure if you want a do-over? It was semi-okay but didn’t totally suck either? I had one of those weeks. Let’s recap, shall we and then you can help me decide… I’ve been keeping up with my Instagram Challenge…sort of. See? I told you I […]

Just Go Anyway

I had a long run scheduled for Sunday…six miles according to the marathon plan I have been following. But this past weekend had me feeling that familiar lazy-I just want to sit on the patio and drink my coffee- kind of feeling. I did not want to go for a run. All the excuses popped […]

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