Be Thankful

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  I am sure you will read many posts and articles or hear news stories about a very common theme this week; Being Thankful. Like many of us, I can allow the hurried aspects of life take over. The stress creeps in and before I know it, I’m worrying about this and that. Stuff that when it comes right […]

A Little Encouragement is All it Takes

Just Be Enough

  I just passed what I deem as a milestone birthday, signaling the second half of life has begun. I just attended a funeral of a beloved relative complete with military honors which left me weeping on church stairs. I just had the gazillionth argument with my teenager to get their college applications D-O-N-E. Life continues […]

10 Things: Be Enough Me

Just Be Enough

  Those lovely ladies over at Just Be Enough are at it again- asking what seems to be an easy enough question, but when it comes to writing it down, it makes you stop and really reflect. When you have to reflect inside? Sometimes that adds to the challenge…we are great at giving out cheers and […]

Pushing Pause

  Sometimes I wish life came with a pause button. Not to stop big chunks of time, but to allow the little moments in the every day a chance to suspend just long enough to be absorbed fully and completely. I look through old photographs and smile at the moments gone by captured in an instant. […]

Things I Like About Me Part2

  Back in July of 2011, I had a lovely conversation with the amazing Elena author of Ciao Mom. She had a link up to allow folks the opportunity to voice what they liked about themselves. It was insanely popular and snowballed into a fabulous collaborative site called Just Be Enough. Be Enough Me is going […]

When Flowers Remind Me I’m Enough

  Yesterday I needed a pick-me-up. The weekend was a long one and I felt overwhelmed. I took the whole day off on Saturday; did not turn on the computer once, just so I could disinfect the house. My youngest has been fighting a cold since our trip to Washington, D.C. over the holidays. A nagging […]

All a Twitter About Striiv


For a month, I have been documenting how much I have enjoyed using the little pocket sized motivator called Striiv. This week there will be no update. I am going to miss sharing how many steps I have taken or miles I have run. Okay, a small update…I will tell you that I still wear it […]

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