Wordless Wednesday: Half Marathon Style

HMRRC half marathon finisher medal

I just finished a long season of training for the fall HMRRC half-marathon. My goal was to achieve a new PR of 2:30. The run was a lot harder than expected. A sentiment shared throughout my running group making me feel a tad better it wasn’t just me. But the dreaded IT band problems plagued every step […]

Running & When to Listen to Your Body

run smart mom got blog

I am following (loosely I should add) a running schedule to prepare for my next half-marathon in October and was scheduled for a 6-mile run yesterday. I logged 6.5 miles last week (1.5 miles more than what the schedule called for) and decide to take it easy this week because of the heat. Mother Nature […]

Claim a Mile is Back for Pittsburgh Marathon

Claim a Mile Pittsburgh Marathon

Three years ago, hubs and I took on the challenge of becoming a “Runner of Steel” as we proved our mettle running the Pittsburgh Marathon. If you recall, I had horrible knee trouble and only covered 12 miles for my longest training run. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done and when […]

Can I Run Through This?


  In less than 5 days I will be lining up to run my third half-marathon, the first one was one year ago, the second this past May and now this one? I’m slowly starting to realize something… I’m not ready. And it’s freaking me out a little bit. Ok. A. LOT. This is a […]

Saratoga Palio Run

running-momgotblog.com.2012 030

  This past weekend  hubs and I enjoyed a great run through Saratoga Springs, NY. We decided last minute to sign up for the Saratoga Palio half marathon and 5k race and I am so glad we did. I have been struggling through my weekly workouts to gain mileage on the legs for the October […]

The Week in Review…

carwreck-teen-driver-momgotblog.com 050

Ever have one of those weeks where you’re not quite sure if you want a do-over? It was semi-okay but didn’t totally suck either? I had one of those weeks. Let’s recap, shall we and then you can help me decide… I’ve been keeping up with my Instagram Challenge…sort of. See? I told you I […]

Claim a Mile & Run With Me!

Claim a Mile Pittsburgh Marathon

Last year at this time, hubs & I were gearing up to run the Pittsburgh Marathon.  I must be a glutton for punishment, because once again, the roads in the ‘Burgh will be treading by under foot in a few weeks. Yes…we are going back… Now, as you may recall, I had horrendous ITB problems - […]

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