Old School Blogging

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My friend Nicole of Sisters From Another Mister,  tagged me in the popular Old School Blogging meme.  These are always fun to do and I love getting to know fellow bloggers a little bit better through Q&A. This particular meme is hosted by the lovely Elaine of The Miss-Elaine-ous Life and Brittany of That’s Vandy , two bloggers that I […]

I Should Be Doing This…

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Getting ready for our annual Oktoberfest party… You know… Cooking up a storm… Chicken Chili in mass quantities… Sausage & Peppers to fill an electric roaster…. creating snacks and such… And cleaning like a fiend…I have no pictures of cleaning…(jeeze, I wonder why..) Yeah. I’m doing NONE. OF. THAT. Thankyouverymuch. Nope. I am sitting and thinking […]

A little Self Challenge for September

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I am a huge fan and I mean a HUGE fan of the photo app community of Instagram. I love that I can take a quick picture of anything, anywhere, anytime and share it with other IG addicts. I’ve tried to explain to more than a few why I love it so much and I […]

I Got Lost In the Milky Way


  **Editor’s Note** This is a post I found in my draft folder. Not sure why it was stuck in there-and by the sounds of it-was one of my very early posts! How can you tell? I had just discovered Tweet Deck! Haha! Anyway, this is a post about the Milky Way Cake that I […]

Look Who’s Coming to (Bloggy) Dinner


    You may have noticed…the first of the month has come (and gone) and a Blogger of the Month was not announced! I’m sure you may be saying “What gives?” Well, waaay back when- over the summer I think- I asked A Daddy Blog if he would like to be the September Blogger of […]

Jamaican Summer


    Today’s guest post is from my wonderful Twitter friend Gayle author of Kid Friendly Jamaica. We have been tweeting for about a year now, and she has been one of the most supportive friends out there! Seeing a reply or tweet from her always makes me smile! Gayle was kind enough to jump […]

Scary Mommy Confessions is “App-Tastic”


I want to thank Jill, from Scary Mommy for being a fantastic Blogger of the Month this June AND for being such a great sport playing along with the Blogoversary game. It’s been awesome. You know what else is awesome?? Jill has created a new app…Scary Mommy Confessions where folks can anonymously submit their secret […]

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