Cinni-Mini Cinnamon Rolls | Mom Got Food 23.2012 042

  My son has been begging me every weekend to ‘pleeeeeaaase make cinnamon rolls.’ I kept putting it off as I did not have my normal mix on hand and to make from scratch would take way too long. Sometimes for time and ease, I keep a can of rolls ready for sleepover guests, but […]

Summer Entertaining Recipes Using #Silkology

Silkology-july-2012 028

  Summer is the perfect time of year to entertain on the deck, patio or poolside, sipping something cool. In fact, my first question when guests arrive is ususally “Can I get you a beverage?” The typical choices are offered…beer, wine, soda, lemonade/iced tea (if made) or water. But, what if there were more options […]

Save Money with Homemade Granola


What I like about this granola recipe is that it is a great base for any flavor combination your heart desires. I tend to make with dried apricots and yellow raisins because that is what my kids like the best. The last batch I made included dried cherries, cranberries and blueberries PLUS the apricots and […]

Stuffed Strawberries: Impressive Dessert for Any Occasion | Mom Got Food

  Do you have a special occasion planned? Maybe a birthday, anniversary or “just because”? Have friends stopped by unexpectedly and you need something quick to put out to nosh? I have the perfect treat for you; and not only is this so incredibly easy to make, it’s delicious & healthy too. Now, I am not saying that the three […]

Homemade Granola Bars-Mom Got Food

Homemade Granola Bars-Chocolate

I picked up the latest Everyday Food (Martha Stewart) Magazine because the tomato soup on the cover was calling to me. As I looked through it in the check out line I found a recipe for homemade granola bars. We go through boxed bars in this house like candy, so I wanted to try making some […]

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