Super Easy Chicken Barley Soup-Mom Got Food

  There is nothing better on a cold blustery day than to have a warm bowl of delicious soup, wouldn’t you agree? Well, maybe it could be better if you added  the fact that you also were fighting a nasty cold. Then it would be doubly better. This week, not one, not two but three […]

The Easiest Tilapia Recipe in the World-Mom Got Food


  I made the most delicious dinner last night…and posted the above picture to Pinterest. Then I realized that folks would click on it and not be able to find the recipe! If you like Tilapia, then this dish will be your go-to for a quick, easy dinner in under 20 minutes. Don’t cheat on […]

Crockpot White Chili- Mom Got Food


  This week I have been battling getting organized. One of the tasks I have been trying to accomplish is meal and menu planning. So far, I have not been too successful! Ha! Well, yesterday we finally had a cold wintry day and I decided that I needed to feed the children something nutritious, warm and […]

Easy Italian Breaded Chicken


I think it is safe to say that the Crockpot Enchilada recipe was a huge hit! Thanks for all the feedback and votes of “yums”! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Since Cinco de Mayo was oh, 16 days ago, it’s time to share a new recipe, wouldn’t you say? Today I will share my recipe […]

Eggplant Parmesean

On a cold fall evening, nothing beats a warm dish of comfort food. One of our favorites is eggplant parm. It’s not too often that it makes it into this final form since the first part of the prep- the breaded cooked pieces- never seem to make it into the pan for the sauce. Why? Because […]

Quick Easy Pasta

Tradition in our house is that every Sunday we enjoy pasta. I make a fresh pot of red sauce, salad and good hearty bread to dip into salt & peppered olive oil. It is delicious and easy. This past Sunday, I went to take out of the freezer what I thought to be sauce, only to […]

Easter Greetings!

I have been juggling schedules and unfortunately, the recipes have not been added as I would have liked! So, I am going to try a few different ideas, and hopefully a more consistent entry will be found a few times a week rather than once a month! It also will help that dad returns from […]

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