Who Do You Speak For?

    This is a question that my lovely friends Nicole and Galit have asked the blogosphere in line with that wonderful message from the Lorax who spoke for the trees. Why do you blog? What do you have to say? Who do you speak for? Of course my first answer is instant. I speak […]

Loving the Dream to Life

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Today’s guest post is from our fabulous Blogger of the Month, Sandi of Deva Coaching. I usually share  more to introduce, but I don’t want to take away from her beautiful words. February. The month of love. At least that’s what we’ve been conditioned to think, and I’m good with that. I […]

Dream a Little Dream

I have discovered so many great blogs and people during this 31DBBB Challenge! One site is written by Sandi of Deva Coaching. What I love about her site is that she fully lives up to her tag line: “Asking the Right Questions at the Right Time“. I have found that I will read her post and go […]

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