Blueberry Scones | Mom Got Food

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Last September at the Type-A Conference in Atlanta, I struck up a conversation with a girl at the Wyman’s Frozen Berries booth at the Expo. I was part of the Photography Team and assigned to capture the goings-on of those attending, so we only spoke briefly. I wanted to be sure to tell her how […]

Sweet Cream Scones with #WhatsYourID

sweet cream scones whats your id

I am always in the kitchen either making traditional family recipes or experimenting with new ingredients and flavors. I like to have fun discovering what works with what and I am usually pleasantly surprised! I am also a HUGE fan of coffee…if you have read this blog before (thanks by the way!), then you know […]

Chocolate Banana Cupcakes with Vanilla Bean Frosting


  After a very busy week, a day in the kitchen was needed to relax and create something sweet. As the taste buds were craving chocolate and I had very ripe bananas, I decided to make chocolate banana cupcakes, a taste reminiscent of a February visit to Georgetown Cupcakes in Washington, DC.  It would also allow the opportunity to try […]

Cranberry White Chip Cookies | Mom Got Food

  Ever have a craving for something and it just won’t go away? It sets into your mind then lingers on your taste buds waiting to be fulfilled? I had such a craving last weekend for a cranberry white chocolate chip cookie like you would not believe. I bought the ingredients during the week, knowing that […]

Monster Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is the very same cookie that gets top honors as the picture you see in the header of this blog. It is a cookie that is both huge in size as in flavor.  I first made this recipe a couple of summers ago.  We had some neighbors over for a cookout and I wanted something […]

Cranberry Scones

Holiday baking has started in my kitchen! One recipe that I enjoy to make this time of year is from the magazine everyday FOOD from the kitchens of MARTHA STEWART LIVING.   This is one of my favorite cooking magazines; I like the actual size of the magazine and I like the easy to make and […]

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