Scavenger Hunt Bounty Could Be Yours!


What is in this fancy velvet bag?

Have you been over to see our fabulous Blogger of the Month, Jill from Scary Mommy? She has written a wonderful post today on the real deal of motherhood. I think it is one of my favorite pieces she has written.

While you are there enjoying her post, be sure to look around for the answers to our Scavenger Hunt that is going on until June 22nd!

That’s right! I am celebrating two years of blogging and wanted to give you a chance to win some fun stuff!! My hubs even said: It’s your blogoversary…why are you GIVING things away??

Well, because you have blessed me with the best gift already, your continued support and coming back to read day after day. For this I am forever grateful…so this is my way of saying thanks!!!

Have you been answering the Scavnger Hunt questions? Saving them for the last minute?? Don’t wait too long…We have some folks in the running …they have the chance to win a prize pack worth $100! What’s in this fabu pack? I’m glad you asked!


Aha! It's a Scary Mommy Key Chain!

As Jill has been so kind to share the fun with me this month, item one is a key chain with her logo. And folks? This is fancy-schmancy! Jill did it right…it’s weighted perfectly and comes in this lovely little velvet bag.


Got Coffee? You can in your new Mom Got Blog Mug!

I love my coffee and sharing stories over a good cup of joe. So, thought this would be nice addition to the prize pack.


The other side has "Have a Great Day"

In fact, I liked it so much I got a second one for myself! :)

The third item is a Gft Card from Target…no photo of that…because, honestly, I did not get it yet! :)

The last and most awesome item in the prize pack is this beautiful bracelet:


Glass bead Bracelet made by Nancy's Fancy's

I saw this and fell in love with it (you know it is the perfect gift when you like it too, right?) and was ready to buy it for this game when Sarah (Nancy’s daughter and co-creator of fab designs) so kindly donated it! I couldn’t believe it! It’s worth $40.00! And is gorgeous-I love the unique silver clasp and this is really a perfect summer bangle.

I will share the rules and questions with you again, but make sure your answers are left on the JUNE 1 POST. It is that post from which I will pick the lucky winner of all this fabulous booty!!

Ok: The low down:

Game begins  June 1 and ends on June 22 (at midnight).

Answer the following six (6) questions correctly in the comment section of this post by midnight (EST) June 22nd. Answers can be found on Scary Mommy or here on Mom Got Blog. Winner will be announced on Friday, June 24. If winner cannot be contacted, then the next correct entry will be contacted.

Here are your questions:

1.  Fairness is the unspoken rule of motherhood. In Jill’s post ‘To My Favorite Child’, who is her favorite and how did she make it fair?

2.   What is the one flavor of candy vodka Jill will NEVER make?

3.  What guest post did I submit to the Scary Mommy Society?

4.  True or False: Jill is the Target Mommy Blogger for Moreno Style: Her favorite must- have look are shorts.

5.  Where does Jill write a weekly column?

6. In what city did I just run a marathon?

Good luck and thanks for playing!

*Items in the prize pack have been purchased by me, with the exception of bead bracelet, which has been graciously donated by Nancy’s Fancy’s Handcrafted Gemstone Jewelry.

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