coffee on table in vegas

Friday Coffee Talk

Friday Coffee Talk? Thought I would try something new and do a quick recap of our week with some Friday coffee talk! If you are visiting for the first time you should know that I LOVE coffee. Like really love coffee. I never, ever start my day without it. My liquid gold of choice is… 

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make ahead chicken enchiladas

Easy Make Ahead Chicken Enchilada Recipe

This easy make ahead chicken enchilada recipe is one of my favorite go-to recipes and when you make this, it will become one of your favorites too! I hate coming home at 5 o’clock and staring into my fridge or pantry trying to figure out what I’m hungry for; I just want to eat. So, when 5… 

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berries in a bowl

Berries Just Because

I’m heading to Washington, D.C. and have been sitting in the airport for over three hours due to a delayed flight. I have a few hours yet to wait. As I watch the plows remove the snow from the runway, the ballet of de-icing a plane and hearing the voice on the loud speaker call yet… 

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Free St Patricks Welcom Box with Julep Maven

St. Patrick’s Day Welcome Box with Julep Maven!

Free St. Patrick’s Day Welcome Box for New Maven Subscribers Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I wanted to share with you one of my new favorite things: Julep. I met them in Las Vegas while at the Affiliate Summit West and had the opportunity to try their products- and fell in love with their… 

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silver dollar pancakes with vanilla bean butter

Silver Dollar Pancakes with Vanilla Bean Butter

  Last Saturday seemed to be the perfect day to make silver dollar pancakes. Our oldest was home for spring break, the youngest didn’t have to be at work for a few hours and my husband and I made sure our day was free of anything scheduled. It was bitter outside and I was totally… 

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Flower scenes at local shop

Willing Spring to Arrive Through Flowers

Willing spring to arrive. Yes, that is what I’m doing. If I keep thinking of these beautiful spring flowers soaking in the sun it will surely arrive sooner, right? Because this winter? This winter has been hard. H-A-R-D. It feels as if it will never end and it is taking a toll. Motivation at this… 

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Thug Kitchen Eggplant Udon Noodles Main

Thug Kitchen’s Grilled Eggplant Soba Noodles

It’s time to celebrate the Chinese New Year and we decided to make Thug Kitchen’s Grilled Eggplant Soba Noodles recipe. We followed this recipe as closely as possible, but changed it up for a few reasons- mostly due to ingredients on hand and the season. Biting wind chill and mounds of snow do not make… 

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vegas NY NY panorama

Money Should Not Be a Bad Word in Blogging

  In the last two years, I have come to the realization that money should not be a bad word in blogging. I guess I have moved away from the mindset of my content being written for the only for the art of it and more toward placing some value on its worth. Not all… 

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Vermont Snowscape

Snow Day in Vermont

If you are here looking for the third installment to Eat Picks Goes to Vegas, then I will ask you to please come back next Friday for our conference recap. Today our regularly scheduled program has been interrupted with a snow day in Vermont. We have decided to uproot and go further north to spend a long… 

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