Needing Downtime




I am giving myself permission to take some time off. I probably should have done this a while ago. Thinking that I could handle everything while my husband was away for six months was just fool-hearted thinking.

I survived “holding down the fort”, maintaining the teen schedule of back to back sport practices, after school activities, first time interviews and new job…add in dance classes and regular social calendar and you found me driving somewhere for somebody every single day of the week. Literally. My son did not believe me when one day I let out that mom-sigh of “ugh, I just don’t want to get back in that car to go anywhere” kind of sigh. So we went through the week naming off the activities between he and his sister when he replied “Wow. You really are out every night.”

Tell me about it kid.

I survived six months of teen attitude. That alone should earn me a crown other than the one that says “Meanest Mom in the World” that I’m constantly told is set upon my head.

I lived through daily Facetime calls with hubs, two trips to DC for visits and three holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas).

Hubs made it home for good this past weekend. We both agreed that we could never do this again…apart. The opportunity was fantastic, but we missed each other too much.

So, as we are getting used to re-entry with our daily routines, I am going to take a little break. I need it to rejuvenate.

I need to spend time with my best friend who I’ve missed more than I could ever really express. I need to relish in family dinner time around the table again, enjoying the stories of the day.  I want to be able to read my cooking magazines and watch the Food Network without feeling guilty.

I need to rediscover writing- (I miss it terribly) -I want to bring back & visit the characters of my book in progress, find out what they have been up to since November (when hopes were set way too high to accomplish NANOWRIMO).

I need to catch up on laundry, spring clean my house and paint the two rooms I set out to do BEFORE THANKSGIVING! Ha ha! Yes, the cans still sit in a state of “wait”.

And last but certainly not least, I need some time to put the finishing touches on my new venture! I mentioned a while ago about a new gig that will be sharing food and photography…well, I’ve been working to have this put together and it is demanding a lot of my time. To say I’m excited is really an understatement!! I CANNOT WAIT to share it with you!!!

So, I need a couple of weeks. I know…this is such a scary thing to do in blog-land…but I have to.

I need this time for me and for my family.

Now that is not to say I will be completely absent…I will be on Twitter and Facebook…and checking in on emails….so I won’t be too far away. The next two weeks I am taking the stress out of writing content on a certain topic, on a certain schedule….and will come back refreshed and armed with new stories to share and the announcement of my new venture!

Thank you for understanding…and see you soon! :)


About Kelly Pugliano

Kelly is a freelance writer, photographer and avid runner. Here you will find life stories, favorite entertaining and family tested recipes and motivational tips for the sport & fitness minded. You can also find her creating on her food blog **.

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  1. Enjoy your break, immerse yourself in the people and things that bring you the most joy right now, and I’ll see you around! xo

  2. A break is amazing. I remember my first break, I’ve had several since. I loved it.

    Good luck mama…do all you need to do to get what you want for your life.

    Much love.


    • Thank you my friend! And happy Blogoversary to you! :)

      Can you believe that I took a TWO HOUR nap yesterday? I never take naps!

      Maybe now I can get back in the groove of visiting more blogs!


  3. you deserve it! Enjoy your mental break and your family time.
    Hug up that hubbie of yours.
    Looking forward to your new venture

    • Thank you so much Gayle!! I so appreciate all of your support the past 6 mos! You are the BEST! :)

  4. go…enjoy your family…don’t feel guilty…the blog’s not going anywhere…

  5. Go get’em. For real.


  6. I totally get it. Glad you’re giving yourself a break!

    • Thanks Robin- I didn’t think I needed it until I took it. Does that make sense? The first few days were hard, but I have to say, I am getting so much done! I’m looking forward to coming back totally refreshed! :)

  7. Have a great, great break. Can’t wait to “see” you when you get back!

  8. Have a good break!!!!! It’s definitely well deserved. Miss you!!! :)

  9. Popped in from SITS! Everyone needs a break!

  10. we all need a break every now and then! ENJOY!

    Popped by from SITS

    • Thank you for stopping by Bonnie! I have not taken a full break in a while. It has been great so far! :)

  11. I thought I was the meanest mom in the world? I’m new to the teen thing, and it’s zero fun. My son is 13, and just as hormonal as any girl!

    • I’ve had that title for quite some time…but I will gladly share! Nice to know I’m not alone ;)
      Teen years are so hard…