Life’s A Beach…OR I Wish it Was


You want to know what the hardest day of the week is?


After a week’s vacation at the beach.

There is something about the ocean that beckons when my soul needs to relax and rejuvenate. It’s a place where I can freely toss my thoughts to flow on the slight breeze fragrant with coconut & saltwater. Sometimes they return full of warmth & purpose; other times they drift off on the wing of a gull never to return.

The beach, with sunrise passage of dolphin pods to evening strolls through cool sand, is my solace.

I always picture myself clicking away the next novel while close to an open window, where the flick of soft sheers to the back of my chair would ensure I not settle in my seat for so long the sound of crashing surf became white noise.

When I think of writing, I think of the ocean. When I think of the ocean, I think of writing.

So this particular Monday is finding me writing….yet longing for the whisper of surf to float through my window.

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Kelly is a lifelong foodie who shares her love of cooking, baking & writing about it on this blog. All recipes & photographs are made in her home kitchen or enjoyed during travels near & far. She has been featured on, iBlog Magazine and Capital Region Living Magazine.

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  1. Katie Hurley says

    This is beautiful, my friend. I always feel this way when I go home to the CT shore. It’s good for the soul.

  2. says

    I’m spending next week at the beach — and I’m already dreading the following Monday, where the grind will be back.

    The house we stay at is about 3 miles from the beach. I’ll pack up my bike, load the kids into the trailer, and head out . . . with me will be beach chairs, a cooler (lunch & lots of water), sand toys, the beach bag (towels and sunscreen), a book or two, and pen & paper. When I have downtime (when not actively chasing kids or playing in the waves, myself), and I’m not reading, I will be writing. Old-school writing.

    Because I feel that pull to write with the waves as well.

    • Kelly says

      Sometimes I miss those days of lugging all the stuff & kids to the sand, pitching the umbrella & having a day full of castle building and shell exploring. Nothing like a picnic lunch on the beach.

      Now we can all just hang, book in hand or take a nap…or as you said…

      Put the pen to paper.
      The waves almost demand it, don’t they?

  3. says

    Sigh. This makes me want to vacation. We don’t have much planned this summer, and our one day at the beach isn’t going to be relaxing 😉

    • Kelly says

      Aww…but that day will be fun!! 😉

      We tend to have years of “Stay-cations” with mini long weekends….but the pull of the beach wins out if we are away too long!

  4. Maria @ Feisty Tapas says

    I feel exactly the same about the ocean, sitting at the beach, preferably when it’s not very busy, digging my toes into the sand to feel the summer warmth, closing my eyes to fully hear the waves. I grew up by the Atlantic Ocean in Spain and now live far from the sea, I miss it. It’s fantastic for quiet inspiration but also laughter and joy.

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