Kid Friendly Cheeseburger Cookies For Your Next Picnic!

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Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger....


Kids love to help in the kitchen and even more so when the treats they create are fun! One recipe that my kids have enjoyed making since kindergarten are Cheeseburger Cookies. These mini cookies have been requested for many a school party or picnic. Memorial Day is this upcoming weekend  and folks will be enjoying swimming, sun and backyard barbeques, so I thought it would be fun to share one of our family favorites! And the best part? They are no-bake!

The Recipe: Kid Friendly Cheeseburger Cookies

1 box vanilla wafer cookies (I like Nilla brand)

1 package chocolate covered mint cookie (I use Keebler Grasshopper cookies)

1 container vanilla frosting

1 tsp honey

1 Tbsp sesame seeds

red/yellow/green food coloring


In 2 separate bowls, place  2-3 Tablespoons vanilla frosting in each. In first bowl, place 1 drop of red coloring and 1 drop of yellow in frosting and stir. Play with colors 1 drop at a time until mixture looks the color of yellow american cheese. In second bowl of frosting, place 1-2 drops of green coloring and stir. Play with color until mixture looks the color of lettuce. Place honey in a small dish.

To assemble:

Take two vanilla wafer cookies and 1 chocolate cookie. On flat side of vanilla wafer spread about an 1/8 of a tsp of orange frosting. On the other cookie (flat side) spread about 1/8 tsp of green frosting. Place chocolate cookie between two frosted cookies and squeeze together gently- just until frosting oozes out the sides. You may need a little more frosting- after making a few you will get the hang of how much you will need.


cheeseburger-cookies-eatpicks (1)

Genty squeeze together

Next, dip toothpick in honey and “paint” a small amount on top of “bun”. Sprinkle a few sesame seeds on top of honey (this is where small kiddie fingers come in handy!)

cheeseburger-cookies-eatpicks (2)

Dab honey on top with toothpick

And your cookies are complete!

cheeseburger-cookies-eatpicks (3)

Ready for a party!


Aren’t these just adorable?? Prepare for lots of “ooh’s and ahh’s” when your guests arrive or when handing your “burgers” to your hostess. It was always fun to see the expression of pride and accomplishment on my kids’ faces when they received credit for making something so fabulous!


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