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Everyday, it is the same routine. A shuffle into the kitchen, a stretch and through a yawn or two, a button is pressed to start the process of brewing liquid gold.

After the first sip, I always feel like I am Jeb, the character from “Beverly Hillbilly’s“, having found life’s riches with the ‘black gold’ steaming in my cup.

I love my morning cup of joe. A lot.

And I am very picky when it comes to what I drink. My brain requires a good kick-start in the morning and for as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a cup of Starbucks French Roast. I don’t know what or why, but this is the only version of coffee that keeps my searing-lack-of-caffeine-headaches at bay. I’ve tried all brands of coffee…in all types of roasts….including other Starbucks roasts, but French,  you are the one for me.

And I will clarify…I only like it brewed at home. when I order at the store, the coffee is too bitter or burnt tasting.

So, when I was invited to visit the Starbucks Suite while at Blogher last month, of course I said yes! duh!

They were showcasing their new machine Verismo that will be rolled out to the public late 2012 and rival the popular self-brew Keurig.


I do not own a Keurig, but I did have the opportunity to try my mom’s while on vacation this summer. It was pretty awesome to have a cup of coffee in minutes without having to brew a whole pot.

As I said, I do not own a Keurig, but I would LOVE to own a Verismo!! This machine is a coffee drinker’s dream! Coffee….espresso, even a LATTE! Yes! The Verismo can make a LATTE with their very own milk pods (which do not have to be refrigerated!)

I was extremely impressed with the crema, the foam top you get from a correctly brewed espresso, that was produced from a machine using a pod. It was decadent.

 espresso-crema-starbucks-verismo-momgotblog.com-12 200

Then came the latte process and I was equally impressed. Pop in a milk pod, then a coffee pod and ta da, a latte! Look at the beautiful layers!!


starbucks-verismo-latte-blogher-eatpicks.com 204

This was one of my most favorite things to see and experience at BlogHer this year…and it was because it just screamed my name. It had me written all over it.

So, Santa, I do believe I will have an appliance on my wish list this year. I’ll even make you extra cookies.

** As a parting gift, Starbucks gave me the white coffee cup (which I love!) and a $5 gift card for visiting their suite. I was not compensated for this post, but wanted to share with you a product I would use in my own kitchen! All thoughts and words are my own.

***And if you are keeping tabs…this post counts toward my self-Instagram-ChallengeYesterday’s word was Everyday & today’s is Natural. See? Naturally, I have coffee Everyday! :)

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  1. says

    While our taste in coffees differs greatly (I love flavored, and not starbucks regular) I SO get that need for a cuppa first thing every morning. I love my keurig so much I could french kiss it. you will LOVE this, hope Santa is listening!

  2. says

    Hmmm. Looks very inviting. Our Keurig seems to be going on the blink, we’ve had it for years. The hubby drinks home brewed Starbucks breakfast blend in medium roast and hasn’t touched anything else in a while. I’ll have to look into this as a possible replacement. I love Cappuccino and hubby Espresso. Win, win if you ask me! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. says

    This is making me want coffee so badly right now!! I took a short break from studying to visit blogs [it took me a long time to get back from Saturday Sharefest…oops, sorry!] and now I want to take a longer break to go get coffee…haha. I don’t like plain coffee though, my boyfriend lives on it, but I love starbucks mixed drinks…though my wallet really doesn’t. You have a great blog, I will need to take a better look around when I have more time!

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