How To Design Your Personal Home Environment to Catapult You to Living the Life You Want


When I put out a call for guest post, Melody was one of the first to respond. I met Melody on Twitter as we were both creating an E-book in a weekend. I had to put mine on hold, but Melody pulled through and created a fantastic e-book! She writes great posts on de-cluttering and getting organized; something that has been on the top of my ‘To-Do’ list! I am so happy she is here today.

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How To Design Your Personal Home Environment to Catapult You to Living the Life You Want by Melody Granger


 “I wish I had learned and done this when my children were younger so I could be a better role model for my kids.  I wish you had been around then to help me. My advice to Mothers is don’t wait until the kids are grown to catch up or keep up with things in your home.  Take care of yourself and your home now. ” a client of adult children said to me when I asked what advice she would give to women with children still living at home.

Often women dedicate their lives to making sure their children experience and learn as much or tons more than they did as a child.  Even though they do purge and clean out areas in their homes during their child’s time with them, sometimes it stacks up and overwhelms them.  They tell themselves, I’ll get this done later. 

I’ve noticed that years of trying to catch up and keep up can give some Mothers a “disorganized” complex.  They tell themselves and accept they are not a very organized person, even if they once were.  But it simply isn’t true.  They CAN be comfortably organized & stop putting on an act that they’ve got everything in their homes together and living a life of bliss.  They may certainly have tons of blissful moments, but being embarrassed or feeling shameful and keeping others an arm’s length away isn’t a great feeling.

Whether you are slightly or extremely disorganized or not disorganized at all, if your environment is NOT designed around your dream life, then it may be more of a struggle or challenge to live that life full out. 

I’d like to share with you questions that I ask the ladies I work with to help them make decisions on designing their home environment in a way that catapults them to go after and get what they want in life.  These may be questions you are familiar with.  I want you to notice how your spaces feel and look, as well as, how you feel and look during this exercise.  Do this exercise as if you have absolutely no obstacles or excuses standing in your way. 

What does an ideal dream day look like for you?

For example:  What time do you wake up?  Is it naturally or by an alarm clock?  What do you have for breakfast and who are you eating with?  What does the eating area look like?  Is it on a deck?  Or at a breakfast table with a view to the outdoors?  Include afternoons, evenings, and relaxing time.

What activities do you participate in throughout the year?

For example:   Do you entertain friends?  host monthly meetings?  attend or speak at events?  work from home or away?  meet friends for lunch?   chaperone field trips?   take your family on vacations?  do arts & crafts?  deck out the house for holidays or keep it simple?  Really consider the things that you want to do (not that you think you should do!).  But more importantly, how will you feel when you show up for these activities?  Are you happy & healthy & vibrant?

What is your style of clothing, furniture, and house in this ideal dream day?

For example:  Are you dressed comfy, yet beautifully?  Does your house feel open and cozy, or extremely streamlined, or somewhere in between?  Do you freely and confidently invite others inside?  Is your furniture and décor style eclectic, modern, cottagey, country, or a mixture?

Next, I want you take a look around your environment.  Does it feel in-sync with what you imagined?  If so, that’s absolutely awesome!  If not, then take time to make changes in one room at a time.

3 Steps You Can Take to Start Designing Your Environment to Catapult You Where You Want to Go:

  1. Eliminate items that no longer represent how you see yourself living in the next few years.  Ex:  Did the dishes you eat off of in your dream match the dishes you have now?  If not, then let go of the ones that were farthest from the dream.  As you move forward in life, you can start replacing little things to match that dream.  (Psst…this is a great way to make a Christmas or Birthday Wish List.  Tell others what you’d love to have!  Doesn’t it make you feel better when a person gives you ideas for gift giving?!?)
  2. Create rooms that allow you to do the activities you envisioned.  Ex:  Did your dining area serve more than one purpose?  Were you painting with the children in one part of your imagination and hosting a party in another part of the imagination?  Figure out a way to store the items you need for these activities near the area you saw yourself engaging in the activity.  Arrange furniture to accommodate these activities.
  3. Notice the difference and make changes in the overall appearance of the rooms you have right now and what you saw in your imagination.  Ex:  If the rooms were open, spacious, and a certain color, but in reality you feel more cramped or uninspired, then clean it out, paint, and rearrange things.  If in your imagination, the room was not even in your current home, try to recreate it as best you can because it’s the little things that make you feel different.  Or you could always move!

No matter what you envisioned, it all starts with letting go of the items that are no longer a reflection of the person you have become and the life you want.  You can start the transformation a little bit at a time.  You don’t have to wait ‘til the kids are grown or until you have tons of money or whatever excuse pops into your mind. 

Today, I want you to make changes in your environment to reflect how you want to live your life.   Your environment is extremely powerful in helping you feel more emotionally healthier and happier.  You’ll probably begin noticing the difference immediately.  Go ahead.  Give it a try!

I’d love to hear what area needs the most TLC in your home.  Tell me in the comment section below!



   Melody Granger helps women eliminate clutter, simplify spaces, and keep it that way.  Melody is the  author of the e-book “How to Stop Falling Behind & Feeling Overwhelmed.  Get a Plan That Works!” and leads Get It Done!™ Home Organization Group Programs.  She loves being outdoors, hanging out with her husband & children, and rolls with the punches of life.  More tips & advice is available at

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  1. says

    The area that needs TLC in my home would have to be my master closet. It is a generous 4×19 space. It’s also the home of Christmas gifts, holiday home decor, board games, etc… Not to mention the gobs of shoes and clothes 😉

    • says

      Hi Dawn! Wow, that is a generous closet! Simply keep in mind how you see yourself in a couple years from now – especially your style of clothing – and make decisions of what to keep based on that image. It will help pull you towards that vision right NOW. And if you are already living that way, then you go!

      Thanks for sharing,

  2. says

    Oh, it’s my whole house. We’ve outgrown the space (maybe not the square footage, necessarily, but the layout), but we’re not moving anytime soon. I KNOW I need to change some things, but it can be overwhelming.

    These are great tips. I like the idea of envisioning what I’d like and doing things to try to match that vision.

  3. says

    Hi Heather, (Yep, I found out your name Making It Work Mom!)

    Tip: The less you have, the less decisions you have to make 😉

    My advice…start in your master bedroom. Be ruthless.

    Good luck!!!!!

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