Gilligan’s Island The Chicago Series: “The Gang”


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? Well, I sat right back and told you a tale…a tale of one GREAT trip!! A tale that brought my husband and two friends through the streets and eateries of Chicago and a story to match each cast member from the show Gilligan’s Island. How did we come up with of all things, this show? Well it actually started with the last day when we met “Mary Ann”. The fellas said that this cute girl sitting at the bar looked like her from the show…and well, after laughing, we started to match up each character to someone we met while visiting the Windy City!

So, to work backwards, before meeting Mary Ann, we met the Howell’s while dining on a delicious steak dinner at Gibson’s Steakhouse and noshed on a chocolate dessert that just wouldn’t die…

We heard of the dancing legend, and finally witnessed the Skipper getting down with all the ladies at Howl at the Moon….such a smooth operator…

We met Gilligan while eating the beyond delicious Chicago style pizza at Lou Malnati’s after finishing our own three hour tour on a Segway!

And who could forget meeting Ginger at the House of Blues? Oh, we will never forget her…and neither will you-she gained the most comments of all the series posts…so true to form from a “movie star”- always wanting all the attention!

Last (or first!) but not least, we matched up The Professor, jacket and all, while enjoying a celebratory brew at the Oktoberfest in downtown Chicago.?

? Chicago really is one of my favorite cities to visit. There are so many more things I look forward to exploring on my next visit. If I ever feel the need to be connected, I can always order a deep dish pizza from Lou Malnati’s… That’s right!!!! You can order that pizza to arrive right at your doorstep and bake up your own bit of heaven. That is exactly what we did to have a “debriefing” meeting…really it was to exchange pictures from the trip…but this was a fun way to bring Chicago back!?

Lou Malnati’s Pizza-straight from Chicago!


We ordered 2 Cheese and 2 Pepperoni

And they were DELICIOUS!!!

I hope you enjoyed the stories and pictures of our trip! We had a blast and this was a fun way for me to share it with you!

Which character was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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    My favorite character was Alice the maid played by Ann B. Davis. Wait, did you have an Alice in Chicago? I'm confused, I like pizza.
    X David

  2. Tanya says

    It's a tough call between that nasty Ginger and very sure of herself, Mary Ann. They are both memorable but I am leaning toward Mary Ann. I always did like her better on the show, and any girl who can get away with acting like a guy can't be all bad! This was a fun series and I enjoyed all of them. Have a great day-

  3. K Pugliano says

    Thanks Tanya! This series was really fun!! I think I liked the Skipper…like a creepy train wreck you can't help but watch!

    Haha Sara! I'm telling you, this pizza- is awesome!

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