Cleaning House 026


As the school year approaches, I am left feeling unaccomplished this summer.

This summer has F-L-O-W-N by….

I have kept minimal house…and I mean minimal

I’ve barely cooked a decent meal 3 nights in a row.

So, I am taking this long weekend…this glorious last-chance opportunity,

to get my act TOGETHER….reclaim a sense of routine & normalcy that has been so lacking these last few months.

I will be back on Tuesday, raring to go and hopefully,

a bag or two of stuffed animals and clothes donations lighter, a happily fed family and organized to take on a new high-school year!

One can only dream…


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    • Kelly says

      Yes, need to remember to focus on the patience! :)

      I did accomplish a lot…not all I set out to…but enough to feel productive!

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