Cleaning House 026


As the school year approaches, I am left feeling unaccomplished this summer.

This summer has F-L-O-W-N by….

I have kept minimal house…and I mean minimal

I’ve barely cooked a decent meal 3 nights in a row.

So, I am taking this long weekend…this glorious last-chance opportunity,

to get my act TOGETHER….reclaim a sense of routine & normalcy that has been so lacking these last few months.

I will be back on Tuesday, raring to go and hopefully,

a bag or two of stuffed animals and clothes donations lighter, a happily fed family and organized to take on a new high-school year!

One can only dream…


About Kelly Pugliano

Kelly is a freelance writer, photographer and avid runner. Here you will find life stories, favorite entertaining and family tested recipes and motivational tips for the sport & fitness minded. You can also find her creating on her food blog **.

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  1. Oh, my garage is filling with the purging …. it does make you feel better.

  2. “Raring to go” is good.

    “Patience with yourself” is even better.


    Enjoy your long weekend and fresh start.
    I could use one, too.

    • Yes, need to remember to focus on the patience! :)

      I did accomplish a lot…not all I set out to…but enough to feel productive!

  3. What a picture. Just gorgeous.