Blueberry Scones | Mom Got Food

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Last September at the Type-A Conference in Atlanta, I struck up a conversation with a girl at the Wyman’s Frozen Berries booth at the Expo. I was part of the Photography Team and assigned to capture the goings-on of those attending, so we only spoke briefly. I wanted to be sure to tell her how […]

The Best Apple Pie Recipe Mom Got Food

The Best Apple Pie Recipe

Last fall I ran a recipe series with all the family favorites to prep for Thanksgiving, including this recipe for the best apple pie. It really is the best…once you make it, you will keep it safe in your recipe folder, I guarantee it. The original post also included a recipe for apple crisp and some great […]

Sweet Cream Scones with #WhatsYourID

sweet cream scones whats your id

I am always in the kitchen either making traditional family recipes or experimenting with new ingredients and flavors. I like to have fun discovering what works with what and I am usually pleasantly surprised! I am also a HUGE fan of coffee…if you have read this blog before (thanks by the way!), then you know […]

I Got Lost In the Milky Way


  **Editor’s Note** This is a post I found in my draft folder. Not sure why it was stuck in there-and by the sounds of it-was one of my very early posts! How can you tell? I had just discovered Tweet Deck! Haha! Anyway, this is a post about the Milky Way Cake that I […]

Kid Friendly Cheeseburger Cookies For Your Next Picnic!

cheeseburger-cookies-eatpicks (4)

  Kids love to help in the kitchen and even more so when the treats they create are fun! One recipe that my kids have enjoyed making since kindergarten are Cheeseburger Cookies. These mini cookies have been requested for many a school party or picnic. Memorial Day is this upcoming weekend  and folks will be […]

Chocolate Banana Cupcakes with Vanilla Bean Frosting


  After a very busy week, a day in the kitchen was needed to relax and create something sweet. As the taste buds were craving chocolate and I had very ripe bananas, I decided to make chocolate banana cupcakes, a taste reminiscent of a February visit to Georgetown Cupcakes in Washington, DC.  It would also allow the opportunity to try […]

Cranberry White Chip Cookies | Mom Got Food

  Ever have a craving for something and it just won’t go away? It sets into your mind then lingers on your taste buds waiting to be fulfilled? I had such a craving last weekend for a cranberry white chocolate chip cookie like you would not believe. I bought the ingredients during the week, knowing that […]

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