3 Berry Oatmeal- Mom Got Food


  Did you know that one of the top resolutions folks make for the New Year is to eat better? I’m no exception. I decided that this year, I am making sure my diet is better. Our family doesn’t really eat bad on a normal day- we don’t drink soda that often, we always have veggies and […]

Zucchini Carrot Muffins Satisfy Even the Pickiest of Eaters


Have picky eaters? Tots that turn their nose up to anything with color that is good for them? I have a recipe that will change that! When my kids were small, they each had their own tastes. My daughter loved healthy snacks (still does!) made up of pepper strips, grapes, broccoli…you name it. My son […]

Sunday Eggs


  Are you tired of looking at that Italian Chicken recipe yet? Ha! Me too… So here I have a lovely breakfast inspired by my friend Sunday who writes Adventures in Extreme Parenthood. I’m also writing this for my friend Mandy over at  MandyLand. We had a very early morning chat on Twitter the other day regarding […]

A Breakfast to Start Your Day Off Right

 Easy Breakfast Cups  I am a total foodie. I can watch the Food Network channel for hours…and I am not kidding! I love to learn how to mix this with that to create a new flavor…or how incredibly easy it can be to make a delicious home-cooked meal with just a few simple steps. […]

Cinnamon Coffee Cake

Swirl of cinnamon goodness

When the snow falls, I bake. It makes the house smell so good when you come in from the cold. We have had quite a winter so far, so I have been doing A LOT of baking! The cookie jar has been replenished more times than I can count, so something new needed to grace […]


This recipe is a great, delicious version of Mueslix that you just have to make!! A few years ago we were in Chicago and stayed at the Drake Hotel. This cold oatmeal was set out in beautiful glasses on a buffet that also included meats and cheese along with typical continental fare. It was so […]

Cranberry Scones

Holiday baking has started in my kitchen! One recipe that I enjoy to make this time of year is from the magazine everyday FOOD from the kitchens of MARTHA STEWART LIVING.   This is one of my favorite cooking magazines; I like the actual size of the magazine and I like the easy to make and […]

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