Blueberry Scones | Mom Got Food

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Last September at the Type-A Conference in Atlanta, I struck up a conversation with a girl at the Wyman’s Frozen Berries booth at the Expo. I was part of the Photography Team and assigned to capture the goings-on of those attending, so we only spoke briefly. I wanted to be sure to tell her how […]

Sweet Cream Scones with #WhatsYourID

sweet cream scones whats your id

I am always in the kitchen either making traditional family recipes or experimenting with new ingredients and flavors. I like to have fun discovering what works with what and I am usually pleasantly surprised! I am also a HUGE fan of coffee…if you have read this blog before (thanks by the way!), then you know […]

Dr.Oz 3-Day Detox | Mom Got Food

Dr Oz Detox Breakfast Smoothie

  New Year, New You! Is the catch phrase for now…and as I mentioned in my last post,  it is the year of Transformation. I wanted to wait until I was feeling better before I took on this 3-Day Detox challenge I saw on Dr. Oz a few months ago. I love smoothies, I love […]

Cinni-Mini Cinnamon Rolls | Mom Got Food 23.2012 042

  My son has been begging me every weekend to ‘pleeeeeaaase make cinnamon rolls.’ I kept putting it off as I did not have my normal mix on hand and to make from scratch would take way too long. Sometimes for time and ease, I keep a can of rolls ready for sleepover guests, but […]

Save Money with Homemade Granola


What I like about this granola recipe is that it is a great base for any flavor combination your heart desires. I tend to make with dried apricots and yellow raisins because that is what my kids like the best. The last batch I made included dried cherries, cranberries and blueberries PLUS the apricots and […]

A Foodie Wordful Wednesday


  It’s been a while since I posted a Wordful Wednesday…. I’ve missed doing so. All I can say is thank goodness this type of post is popular because I don’t think I could muster anything more than a few words and a couple of pictures this week. I have been sick since the weekend […]

A Foodie Wordful Wednesday

  As some of you may know, my son has been fighting whatever bug has been going around. It hasn’t been fun for him and I felt bad to hear him hack away and greet me with glassy eyes while asking for more tea or tissues. The germs seemed to party into the wee hours this weekend, […]

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