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I was never partial to the color yellow. It never looked good with my skin color, so I avoided it at all costs.

Until 2006, when my husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He was one of the rare cases because of his age. Known for afflicting men in their teens to mid-twenties, it was baffling to the doctor that he was treating someone who was 40.

He was fortunate to catch it early. He went through surgery and treatment and extensive follow-up treatment, starting with monthly, then every 3 months-to every 6 months- to yearly. Every time my husband had to have a scan or blood work, my heart would break for him because it sucked and there was nothing I could do to make it better.

I planted sunflowers for a little “pick me up”.

Let me re-phrase that- I poked a hole in the ground with my finger and stuck a seed in and covered it.

But you know what happened? Those happy flowers grew and re-seeded themselves and now we have them ev-er-y where. My favorite part of the day is the morning when they move to face the sun…that big yellow orb in the sky.

Then one day, I chose to wear yellow, not for me but for my husband.

Glorious yellow. The color of brightness and hope.

The color that stands out so that your eye is drawn immediately to it…bananas, birds, flowers….

or maybe a simple rubber bracelet  worn on a wrist to show  you support the fight against cancer.

And this week? That bit of hope yellow provided was alive and well.

My husband had his LAST visit with his oncologist. They talked shop, shook hands and said their good-byes. Five years of worrying if every ache and pain or every cough was just the flu or if “IT” was back. Yes, we worried, but never gave up hope.

We shared a glass of wine with the good news and we gave each other a “cheers”. My yellow bracelet caught my eye as it dropped back on my arm and it made me smile, grateful for the hope it represented.

And I will continue to wear yellow for my husband and all those fighting the good fight against cancer.




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    • Kelly says

      Thank you so much Alison! Yes, much to celebrate!! We ended up finishing the whole bottle! Haha! 😉 These flowers have been in our garden for five years and as each July greets us, more show up! It is awesome!

    • Kelly says

      It is true. My favorite flowers used to be tulips ( I still like them) but to see a sun flower…it just makes a smile come to one’s face. Resilient, bright and always seeking warmth and light…they are the perfect addittion to the garden.

  1. says

    Kelly this makes my heart sing. I am so happy for your hubby on his all clear appointment. That is truly a remarkable moment! And the image of the sunflowers, beautiful.

  2. says

    What a wonderful gift you have both been given. Life, perspective, optimism, hope. It’s incredible what can be done in these things alone. And in love, which you obviously have. :)

    • Kelly says

      Lindsay, this is truly a gift that we have embraced! The small spot of doubt will be there forever, but the brightness of hope and love will keep it under wraps! :)

    • Kelly says

      Thank you! I know, yellow has had such an influence on us…it is almost as if we are now drawn to it or some shade of it!!

  3. says

    I love yellow…love sunflowers and now when I think of them I will think of you too…and your husband’s fight that is over. Yea. I am so happy for your family and wish you so many more years of happiness the color of the SUN. Xoxo

    • Kelly says

      Kir, your words are like music! Thank you so much my friend. You know what is really funny? I collect Suns!! If the face is kind and happy, I cannot pass it up and neither can hubs! :)

  4. says

    I cannot imagine the relief from that “all clear.” I’m so very glad for you & your husband . . . and that little yellow bracelet seems to look good on every skin tone, doesn’t it?

    Wonderful, wonderful job on the sunflowers – I think we need pictures, though 😉

    • Kelly says

      Amazingly, yes, that yellow bracelet looks fantastic on EVERY wrist! :)

      We are so over the moon happy…it’s been quite a road to travel, but we would not trade the experience for anything.

      I agree…sunflower pics are in order! Any photo I have used on this site is straight from my garden…but maybe a pictorial post will have to be done! Thanks for the idea!

  5. says

    I’m so happy to hear that you and your husband have made it through this. Congratulations to him and to you. :)

    Now you’ve got me wanting to plant sunflowers! Was it really as easy as you say it was?

  6. says

    Yay to kicking cancer’s ass! And yay to yellow and yay for you and your family. I am so happy to hear this.

    And guess what, I have stuck my finger in the ground and pushed a sunflower seed down so many times and nothing! I am going to try again for you and because yellow…is sunshine and it makes people happy.

    • Kelly says

      Absolutely YAY to kicking cancer’s ass! We are so lucky and are thankful for the life lessons it taught us along the way.

      Not sure how I was able to grow sunflowers this way, but it worked! :) Let me know if it works!!

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