kelly-over-coffee Welcome to EatPicks!

My name is Kelly Pugliano and I’ve had this crazy idea-for quite some time now- of sharing my food photography, favorite travel places and maybe a story or two.

I love to cook, bake, eat, write and take pictures of food.  In fact, my family (husband and two teens) are forever rolling their eyes at me as I capture their meals, snacks, what have you, through the lens before saying “Is it okay to dig in now?”

If I see or create food that makes my mouth water or stomach grumble, then I know I have to take a picture. If my eyes did not fool me and taste has met its visual match, then that is a double bonus!

One of my favorite traits of food is this: It’s a common denominator between all of us. Instant conversation can begin by asking where to find the best pizza in town or what is a favorite flavor ice cream.

It is a connector.

Eat Picks was created to connect you with delectable images for blogs, editorial or advertising needs.

Need to update your menu or website? Maybe you would like to decorate walls with your food creations or products?

There is an extensive gallery available for your next photo. Contact me at eatpicks [at] gmail [dot] com and I will be happy to help you customize your next project.

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Don’t steal.

It doesn’t taste good.