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Those lovely ladies over at Just Be Enough are at it again- asking what seems to be an easy enough question, but when it comes to writing it down, it makes you stop and really reflect. When you have to reflect inside? Sometimes that adds to the challenge…we are great at giving out cheers and compliments, but to look inward at one’s self…well, that is a whole new ballgame.

This week’s question was to list 10 things you need to be enough.



Yeah…{whistling as my fingers strum the keyboard}

I drew a blank. So I decided not to OVERTHINK it and just type. I cleared the thought from my head and when I opened my laptop this morning, decided to just write. You are getting this post raw…unfiltered…and I have no idea where it will go, if I’ll come up with 10 things or if it will even make sense.

Here goes:

I need to exercise. I need the endorphins to work their magic to clear my head. I need the air in my lungs and the sweat on my brow. I like to see my feet turn over on the pavement and no matter how many miles, how fast or slow I’ve covered them I am thankful after every single run because I am healthy enough to do it.

My husband. He keeps me grounded and focused when a start to feel scattered. He makes me feel loved and is my biggest supporter when it comes to following my dream. The road to my future is slow, but steady and I know he is there with me every step of the way.

One on one time with my daughter. A few years ago we set aside every Sunday to go to breakfast and talk. I loved it and she did too. With crazy schedules it was nice to tell stories and get to know her take on being a teenager in today’s world. We haven’t had our Sunday’s for a long time and I miss them. We have been having a rocky time lately and yesterday we grabbed a coffee and it felt so good to talk again.

My son’s humor. He makes me laugh every day and when I can crack him up? Like really make him laugh? It is music to my ears.

Writing. It is something I need to do every day. Even if it is only for 5 minutes. I need to weave my thoughts into words…to tell a story.

Photography is my other outlet. Especially when it comes to food. To me, food is beautiful and I need to capture it visually. It makes my cooking process a lot longer…but that is ok.

Only six things…I’m sure if I really thought about it I could come up with more….

But for now this will have to be enough.


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Kelly is a lifelong foodie who shares her love of cooking, baking & writing about it on this blog. All recipes & photographs are made in her home kitchen or enjoyed during travels near & far. She has been featured on EverydayFamily.com, iBlog Magazine and Capital Region Living Magazine.

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  1. says

    I came up with only five :) … ‘s true when ur actually asked to reflect inward that does present something of a challenge.

    I love photography too. :)

  2. says

    I only came up with five things, or rather, categories. But, it definitely made me stop and think what it is that helps keep me going and enjoying.

    I can relate to those moments with loved ones that give roots! :>

    • Kelly says

      You bet! I was really worried about coming up with 10…because it said 10…but I guess 6 is all the brain could muster! How did you do on your list?

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