Orange Cake Mix Cookies

Paddington Orange Cake Mix Cookies

  It’s Friday and I am feeling a bit nostalgic. When the kids were younger, Friday nights were reserved for family movie night. We would make fun snacks, have bath time, get into our cozy jammies and camp out with pillows and blankets on the living room floor while we waited for the chosen movie… 

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brioche french toast on plate

Brioche French Toast

  Ahhh, spring has finally sprung here in the Northeast and it is glorious. The sun is shining, birds are chirping and the buds on the trees grow bigger each day. Pretty soon, berries will be fresh for the picking and I will be enjoying them on anything and everything, especially on this delicious breakfast… 

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vegetable quiche in square pan

Vegetable Quiche

    So, this weekend is going to have plenty of these….only they will be in the hues of pink, green, purple, blue, and yellow. Many will be hidden in corners of rooms or outside in flower pots waiting to be discovered and collected for prizes. The most important feature? They will be hard boiled….at least… 

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Clementine Pound Cake

Delicious Clementine Pound Cake Recipe

There are certain moments in time when the baking gods are on your side and what you envision in your head actually comes out the way you thought it would. And then there are times when it comes out so much better than you ever expected. This is the delicious outcome of the recipe I created… 

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Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball dessert close up

Chocolate Chip Dessert Cheese Ball Recipe

Easter is right around the corner and this easy chocolate chip dessert cheese ball recipe will even impress Peter Cottontail! A cheese ball that is dessert, you ask? Yes! It’s time to put a spin on the savory appetizer favorite and get in touch with its sweeter side. Notice how I even made the dip… 

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Granola with spoon

Easy Homemade Granola

  If you love granola, then this easy homemade granola is for you! I’m kind of obsessed with this recipe at the moment and have been making this or some version of it for a couple of months. Adding flavors here and there with fruits, nuts and spices leaves my head spinning with all the possibilities…. 

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Move Over Reuben, Rachel’s In Town

Move over Reuben, Rachel’s in town and she’s claiming her spot at the bar with a pint of Guinness! That’s right, a little “girl power” is taking over the traditional Irish sandwich made with corned beef and replacing it with turkey! Next week the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, the holiday where everyone deems themselves Irish, will be upon us… 

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make ahead chicken enchiladas

Easy Make Ahead Chicken Enchilada Recipe

This easy make ahead chicken enchilada recipe is one of my favorite go-to recipes and when you make this, it will become one of your favorites too! I hate coming home at 5 o’clock and staring into my fridge or pantry trying to figure out what I’m hungry for; I just want to eat. So, when 5… 

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berries in a bowl

Berries Just Because

I’m heading to Washington, D.C. and have been sitting in the airport for over three hours due to a delayed flight. I have a few hours yet to wait. As I watch the plows remove the snow from the runway, the ballet of de-icing a plane and hearing the voice on the loud speaker call yet… 

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