mesa grill shrimp taco skewer

Eat Picks Goes to Vegas Part 2: Finding Bobby Flay

  So last week we talked about having our first Bloody Mary and shared a few sights from our Eat Picks Goes to Vegas trip. This week we are going to share our series post:  Eat Picks Goes to Vegas Part 2: Finding Bobby Flay. That’s right, you will want to hop a plane to… 

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vegas strip day time

Eat Picks Goes to Vegas to Feed Mind & Soul

To think one week ago today, at this very minute we were about to land in Las Vegas to begin a food tour that in some instances made us cry (in a good way) and attend the TypeA Vegas Bootcamp and Affiliate Summit West conferences. This is a trip we have been waiting for since the fall and… 

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avocado black bean salsa

Quick and Easy Avocado Black Bean Salsa

  Are you still using salsa out of a jar? What if there was a recipe that used only one tomato and the end result was so tasty you could eat it by the spoonful? Well, you are in luck! This quick black bean and avocado salsa is just the dish you are looking for! It’s… 

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silk dairy free top view

Vegan Breakfast Parfaits

When my kids were younger, I will freely admit to passing through the fast food drive-thru on more than one occasion to grab a kid’s meal and toy. I can assure you, it was 100% pure convenience. When our oldest began ordering her “Cheeseburger with NO MEAT,” I should have seen the foreshadowing of our… 

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lemon rosemary chicken main

Lemon Rosemary Roasted Chicken

The mercury has plummeted after a rather warm holiday season, reminding us that yes, indeed it is winter. Menu planning for this week made sure that this house will welcome all with the cozy aromas of slow roasted foods, soups, stews and baked treats. One of my favorite comfort food meals is roasted chicken. It is… 

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2015 The Year of Living Intentionally

  The New Year always brings with it resolutions; lists and goals that are sought after to improve whatever it is that an individual deems needing improvement. Did I set goals for 2015? You bet. Are they your typical variety of lose weight, exercise more, stop smoking, call mom more, or Fill in the blank?… 

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Cashew Milk Custard

Homemade Cashew Milk Custard

Are you a fan of custard or pudding? Do you make your own or are you more apt to grab the box of instant on the store shelf out of fear that making the homemade version would be too hard? I would fall somewhere in the middle; especially when it comes to custard. I was asked… 

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touchstone crystal ear studs

Add Sparkle to Your Holiday Baking with #Touchstonecrystal

  After working hard putting together the very first Eat Picks Holiday Gift Guide, it has been wonderful receiving all the positive feedback! We love that YOU love it so much! Thank you. Everything in the guide is something I have personally used, read or worn- with exception of the clutch- that one is on… 

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perfect creamy risotto eatpicks

Perfect Creamy Risotto for #WeekdaySupper

When asked to come up with a recipe using Perdue Signature Chicken Stock for #WeekdaySupper I knew exactly which dish I wanted to try. In my recipe box, I have the perfect creamy risotto that would make your Italian grandmother throw her spoon to the side and smile ear to ear. No more hours of… 

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